If you want to change the PSPID name for an existing production account, please contact your Viveum Account Manager who will open a new account for you.

The PSPID name of your existing production account cannot be changed, but a new account with a new name can be opened for you.

Please note there will be a fee for this service.

The time to activate a payment method depends on the following factors:

  • It generally takes the acquirer or bank about a week to complete your affiliation. If you already have an affiliation, the activation takes a few days.
  • Some payment methods require additional checks before they can be activated, e.g. in case of 3-D Secure, which is requested directly at VISA or MasterCard (and not at the acquirer). 

With Viveum Collect, you can activate several payment methods in one go.

Even though we advise against using it since this feature will no longer be supported from 25 August 2020, you can configure the so-called referrer check, in addition to the SHA signature authentication. With this setting, our system checks the origin of the transaction request which is the URL the request comes from (the referrer). The aim is so that unauthorised URLs (that were not configured in your account) will not be able to call the payment page.

In order to set it up or remove it, simply go to Technical Information > Data and origin verification. Under Checks for e-Commerce & Alias Gateway, you can enter one or more URLs that you want to enable to call the payment page: orderstandard.asp / orderstandard_utf8.asp.

Possible errors related to the referrer are "unknown order/1/r" and "unknown order/0/r". Go to Possible errors for more information about these errors.

Important: We strongly advise against it and therefore to leave it blank.

However, if you would still like to use it,

  • The URL(s) must always start with http:// or https://
  • You must enter the ‘origin’ of the URL being accepted (Origin: <scheme> "://" <hostname> [ ":" <port> ])’ (For example: https://www.mysite.net)
  • If you have several domains, multiple URLs can be entered. For example, http://www.mysite.com;http://www.mysite.net;https://www.secure.mysite.com. The URLs must be separated by a semicolon, with no spaces before or after the semicolon.
  • If you perform a test transaction from our test page, please remember to enter our site’s origin URL as a referrer, otherwise you will receive an error.

We also would like to take the opportunity to remind you that although the referrer allows our system to identify the origin of an order, SHA signature authentication remains the most trusted way to secure your transactions on your PSPID. You can find more information on that in our SHA signature integration guide.


Please contact our team who can help you to get a copy of your invoice.

If you want to change your invoicing address or the way you pay your invoices, please send an email with your PSPID to our Customer Care department

Our Customer Care team will take care of your request.

PCI certification

The only fully PCI compliant way is to use the POST method. That way you are sure not to expose any sensitive data of your customers.
It can also help you manage GDPR obligations by keeping personal data under your control.

Our platform will block every request sent with a non-compliant method.

Please contact your IT department to make sure your system sends POST requests only.


In your Viveum account menu, you can easily lookup your transactions by choosing "Operations" and then clicking either "View transactions" or "Financial history", depending on the type of transaction results you're looking for.

Go to Consult your transactions for more information.

You can easily refund a payment with the "Refund" button in the order overview of a transaction (via View transactions). If your account supports it, you can also make refunds with a DirectLink request or with a Batch file upload (for multiple transactions).

Please note that the Refunds option has to be enabled in your account.

Go to Maintain your transactions for more information.

You can only perform refunds on transactions for which the funds have already been transferred to your bank account. A cancellation or deletion can be done before a payment has been fully processed, i.e. before the daily cut-off time at the acquirer, at which point all transactions of the previous day are processed.


There are different reasons why you can't refund a transaction. You need to consider the following (with the condition that the Refund option is enabled in your account):

  • The transaction is in an "incomplete" status, such as a pending or erroneous status (9192 etc.) that doesn't allow the refund operation.
  • If the transaction is authorised (status 5), at which point no payment has been made yet. In this case you have to cancel the authorisation instead of refund.
  • The used payment method doesn't support the refund functionality, which can be the case with certain debit cards, web banking methods and "offline" payment methods such as Bank transfer.

Request another admin user on your PSPID to deactivate the 2-Factor authentication for you or contact our Customer Care department for help.